8 Simple Steps to Listening to More Dan Croll Today!

18 Sep

Tired of mainstream pop? Not really feeling your latest album? Not looking for any of those short-term cures for aggravating familiarity? (I’m looking at you, Disclosure; I can’t hear a bar of “Latch” without getting it stuck in my head.) Well, boy have I got the thing for you! Follow these eight simple steps to listen to more Dan Croll, one of the most interesting pop musicians on the scene today.

  1. Watch this video. The ending has an M. Night Shyamalan twist!
  1. Watch this. This video is live, to prove to yourself that he isn’t a fluke. He really is a cute, talented British gentleman.
  1. Look at this photo. Those colors were created directly by God. He didn’t bother reaching through an artist’s hand this time, He reached right down and mixed those colors Himself.

dan croll

  1. Consume these facts:
    1. Croll released his album, Sweet Disarray, in March 2014, but released his first single, “From Nowhere,” in 2012- two whole years earlier. This album was a long time coming.
    2. He’s spoken to Sir Paul McCartney, at least! He may have even shaken his hand, or given him a brotherly hug!
    3. He shares a birthday with someone very important: ME! And Nelson Mandela, a beacon of hope and peace in a country torn apart by apartheid.
    4. I learned all of this on Croll’s Wikipedia page. It is surprisingly thorough.
  1. Check this thing out. He’s got a sense of humor (and Baardsen does too!).
  1. While we’re at it, Baardsen made a great remix of “From Nowhere” as well and it’s featured in the influential Grand Theft Auto soundtrack:
  1. He’s so cute right? At this point you’re either on a sugar high and ready for the next, final step, or you’re on a sugar crash and ready to get this over with. So this step is a pause.
  1. And finally: proving that he is not invincible. Listen to this song. The electronic beats remind you that he is but a pop musician, trying to make it in a culture of misused EDM. The song is fine, good for radio, but it does nothing compared with the rest of his music. The Very Best are great, but this is not a collaboration I expected, much less wanted. (The video is super cute though. Who wouldn’t fall in love with two old lady best friends?)
  1. Nine? Well, this is really just a congratulations, you made it through the 8 steps to listening to more Dan Croll! Here’s a sweet folk-inspired song he wrote about, well, about his home.

Dan Croll is a pop artist, and he will never distance himself from that. When he does pop with his sweet indie take, such as in “From Nowhere,” it’s amazing, but still just pop. Don’t be ashamed- let Dan Croll be your new guilty pleasure.

Sweet Disarray is out now. Find more information on Dan Croll’s website.

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