This Autumn: One Winter

30 Sep

The seasons are a-changin’. Where you are, you may notice that the heat is subsiding for chillier breezes, and the trees are glowing red and orange as they shed their greenery. Fall will fade into a grey bleak winter, but eventually renews itself in spring. The cycle of the seasons must be beautiful, though I can’t say I’ve ever experienced any of it. After all, I have only lived in parts of south Florida and LA throughout my life. But one day I hope to see snow. One winter. And I’ll be listening to Seán McKenna purr in my ear all the while.

One Winter is a warm story about a colder time in life. Though the subject of the lyrics is not always pleasant, the chords have an upward progression, getting brighter and happier as the songs moves. Take “Katrina.” The chorus morosely echoes, the layers in his voice mirrored by depth of the lyrics themselves. But the bitterness of life should not keep you down. Seán still strives to trust and love, even in the worst of circumstances, when he doesn’t “have a fucking clue,” as in the track “Miles and Miles.” One Winter is a cold night, brightened by a warm embrace.

But wait, there’s more! One Winter is contrasted with One Summer, backed by the full band of Lay Low Moon. It has all the elements of the acoustic collection of One Winter, but I feel that the other instruments almost crowd out the emotional yearning in McKenna’s voice. Both are lovely, but I prefer the lonely and intimate feel of One Winter. Maybe I enjoy it because I don’t have any winter memories of my own. Enjoy it for your own reasons, just be sure to give it a listen.

One Summer and One Winter are available now. Be sure to check out Seán McKenna’s reconstruction of Lay Low Moon tracks in Sorry We’re Closed. And be on the lookout for some new material sometime next year. For any more information on Seán or Lay Low Moon, check out his website.

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