Kathleen Mary Lee soothes with her new single, “Hours Gone By”

5 Oct

kathleen mary lee
Falling asleep to classical music is not uncommon. But whatever happened to the lullaby? Lullabies, as the name somewhat implies, are meant to make you fall asleep. I suppose these bedtime tunes are associated with children, but children are not the only ones that have trouble falling asleep. Adults need to once again embrace the lullaby. Particularly, embrace Kathleen Mary Lee’s latest single, “Hours Gone By.”

This track is delicate and soft, from the strums of the guitar to the whispered vocals. The rhythm gently pulses underneath the morose lyrics about a love lost, but not forgotten. It is written like a poem with a specific rhyme scheme and sounds so sweet coming from the duet of Lee and Tom Wright. It is a song so soothing that the silence heard once it is over feels overwhelming. So play it again, and again, and soon you’ll find yourself drifting off to sleep.

Next year you can expect Kathleen Mary Lee’s next LP. In the meantime, you can browse her back catalogue.

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