Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors and other advice from Magic Bronson

12 Oct

magicbronson4Magic Bronson may not have coined that famous phrase about neighbors and fences, but the tone in their most recent single seems to match it. All things considered, “Fences” by Magic Bronson is a tribute to the duo’s parents, and a catchy one at that. But there is still an aspect of the track that feels tongue in cheek, which seems to both thank the most important people in their lives while also acknowledging just how hard it is to follow your dreams. “Good enough just doesn’t make it, kid you gotta take it into your own hands,” cries frontman Michael Nicastro. Brutal advice, but if you’re going to seriously pursue your passion, you need to hear it. And the only people who love you enough to tell you are good ol’ Mom and Dad.

“Fences” will be out on Magic Bronson’s upcoming LP, Wildlife, out 11/4 on War Cry Records. For more information on Magic Bronson, visit their website.

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