Magical Mystery of the Day: EVA

16 Oct

The internet is incomprehensibly vast. I like to occasionally dip my toe into the abyss of music on Bandcamp, by following tags of places I’ve never heard of, or wading through gag tags. I find a lot of insanity, but this time I’ve found a gem. Unfortunately, I’m not quite clear what the gem is yet, because it is clouded by its own mystery.

EVA is a delightful folk artist with some opera-worthy vibratos thrown in for good measure, but it’s her distinct personality that makes her so compelling. She describes her EP as the precise dictionary definition of “catholic,” and calls her music a litany of humorous and even minorly self-deprecating genres, including yolk folk and scat scum. This abrasive yet endearing tone isn’t so far from that of her songs, if you go through and really analyze her lyrics. “Trash” contains both a nervous and glucose breakdown, which I like to think are directly related to the plot of the track. Not to mention my favorite line(s) from her other song, “No Star”: “Lovable is really so absurd for you to boast/ Coming from a parasite I keep pining to host.” How romantic.

What is the cherry on top of this lovely new artist is her dedication to withholding any information about herself or her career. From my extensive five minute research on this artist, I cannot locate a website, social media presence, or even any suggestion that any Eva Patterson in the world has musical talent. Who are you Eva? Give me more music for my ears!

Find the only information available on this phantom on Bandcamp.

One Response to “Magical Mystery of the Day: EVA”

  1. Eva Patterson October 20, 2018 at 7:49 pm #

    Such a kind and on the nose review – Thank you so much!

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