colourspacecolour releases jovial new eponymous EP

2 Nov

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes I do end up judging bands by their names. I very nearly ignored Clap Your Hands Say Yeah because the name alone was too much for me to handle. You can’t have a comically simple name that is five words long, no one will remember it! But the music was enough to get me past it. “Satan Said Dance” remains one of my all-time favorite songs.

I discovered Sun Comes Out Twice As Bright a little more than a year ago, and fell in love with their sweet synth pop. Their name didn’t exactly roll off of my tongue but I was happy to see a talented female duo enter the scene. (Even the acronym SCOTAB felt uncomfortable to say.) The ladies, Pearl Button and Claudine Michael, had released a couple tracks under that moniker before rebranding- after some tinkering, they now only respond to colourspacecolour. (That name is hard for me to spell because I’m American and want to leave out that useless ‘u’ in ‘color.’) Only one video remains of their old persona, and it proves that these gals have a sense of humor on top of musical talent.

colourspacecolour have now emerged suddenly with a new eponymous EP, leading with “Ocean Floor,” their newest single. It is exactly what I remember loving about Sun Comes Out Twice As Bright, but has a darker feel than their previous sunny and bright demeanor. Not to say colourspacecolour isn’t any fun, quite the opposite, just listen to “Upside Down Inside Out.” I just love that whether they are brooding or gushing over a crush they are still one of the sweetest, most fun pop groups I’ve heard lately.

Check out colourspacecolour’s debut EP, out now. Find colourspacecolour on Facebook and Twitter.

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