Drowning in melody: Marika Hackman releases first single off debut record

9 Nov

Marika HackmanMarika Hackman is a well-kept British secret. Rather, she was a secret to me, and I am happy to have discovered her at this point in her career. So far, “Drown” is the only track released off of Hackman’s upcoming debut album, We Slept at Last; however, she’s released two EPs and a mini-album prior to “Drown,” and I am ready to devour it all. With quiet melodies so gorgeously crafted, it is no surprise that I am left wanting more.

The structure of “Drown” is familiar: slow instrumental intro, enter vocals, enter percussion, bridge, conclusion. As is the case with any truly great music, though, there is a quality in the track that breaks it free of this familiarity. The subtle effects on certain vocals during the verses complement the melody without getting in the way of the rest of the song. Despite the morbid nature of the track, I find myself listening on repeat.

We Slept at Last will be out 2/16 on Dirty Hit; you can pre-order it here. Find more information on Marika Hackman’s website.

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