Top 10 Songs of 2014 – #10: “Something Had to Give” by COMPNY

2 Dec


To kick off our Top Ten Singles of 2014, I present you with a catchy, hymn-like tune from British newcomers, COMPNY.

Selfishly, this takes a spot in my top songs solely due to those first few piano notes; every time I hear them, I think of “Falling,” the theme song of David Lynch’s masterful Twin Peaks. That is to say, I was immediately pulled in by the prospect of mystery and darkness. The song is much brighter than this though, which is what held my attention. The choir of voices that chant the track’s chorus is too pleasing to ignore. Turn this track up, leave it on repeat for a few hours, and you’ll come back world-weary, full of melancholy. But that’s where we thrive.

You can buy COMPNY’s debut AA-side single, “Begging Me to Come Back”/“Something Had To Give” here. Connect with COMPNY via Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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