Top 10 Songs of 2014 – #4: “On My Mind” by Tom Misch

8 Dec

tom misch

Precocious beat-maker Tom Misch has released a lot of music over the course of his career. Glancing at his Soundcloud page, you’d think he’s been at this for years. He probably has been at this for awhile behind the scenes, but only recently has he created music with lyrics. Why he hid his voice for so long is a mystery, but now that I’ve heard his sultry croon, I’m hooked. Misch’s “On My Mind” is our #4 best song of this year.

Tom Misch is first and foremost a J Dilla inspired producer. He honed his craft, which you can hear listening to the deep cuts from two years ago, and then made an effortless transition to songwriter and singer. “On My Mind” is the perfect merge of these two personas- the record sample is a work of art, but his voice makes me swoon. You’re on my mind, too, Tom.

Recently, Misch has teamed up with Carmody on a new EP, Out to Sea. Carmody is also a singer-songwriter, whose first major endeavor seems to be this release. Like solo Misch tracks, this EP focuses on soothing beats and gorgeous combined harmonies. Carmody balances out Misch’s natural depth, and gives another layer of the music to savor.

Out to Sea is out now. Find more information on Tom Misch’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

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