Top 10 Songs of 2014 – #1: “Got It” by Banoffee

12 Dec

banoffee 2

I’ll be honest, choosing the best song this year was not hard for me. This was the first track I had ever heard from Banoffee, and it made a great first impression. “Got It” is our number one song of 2014.

It starts out with a realization: “I don’t think I know you at all.” Gently, the beat weaves between Banoffee’s airy, but fierce vocals, and carries into the refrain. “When I look at you I see this picture of how we could be, cuz I know what you got. I got it.” It is repetitive, but avoids being overbearing and annoying- this is one earworm I am happy to hum all day.

There are two elements of this track that stood out when I listened to it on repeat for hours. First, I noticed the brilliance of the artificially deep backing vocals. I haven’t heard a version without the altered backup vocals, but I imagine that it would sound sweet, yet untethered. Then there’s the soft electric sighs that sound like air. I know it’s probably just some kind of muted percussion, but if anyone were to actually use air as an instrument and make it flow as well as it does, it would be Banoffee. Homegirl’s a genius.

Please spend five measly dollars on Banoffee’s debut EP, all the cool kids are doing it. I’m told there’s an album in the works slated for release late next year. For more information, check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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  1. Top 10 Songs of 2015: #10 – Kissing by LUM | The Music Court - December 16, 2015

    […] One thing most of the tracks I play on infinite repeat have in common is their singability- or how well I can approximate the noises that are lyrics so I can sing along. LUM may not have provided full lyrics like, say, Joanna Newsom, but there are so many audio clips used as part of the beats that it doesn’t matter. I find myself belting “huh huh huh” and “whoooa whoa” with the same enthusiasm as I might have sung “got it got it” last year. […]

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