The Harry Heart Chrysalis is ready to spread its wings

9 Jan

The Harry Heart Chrysalis

Does anyone miss Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros? They have the perfect name, with a perfect background story. After “Home” was featured in a commercial, they rose in popularity, and I’m sure had some people (me) shaking their heads at a band name that reminds of an egotistical power rock band. Alex Ebert plays the part of Edward Sharpe, a Messiah character he created in a story he wrote while in rehab. Decidedly not about ego, but rather a rebirth, (or resurrection, if you will) of Ebert during a dark and troubling time. I really admire Ebert, and treasure one of his solo tracks, “Truth.” (The version featuring RZA is also great, if only for the incredible, half-hearted rap-singing RZA does toward the end of his verse.) I found a song sonically similar by The Harry Heart Chrysalis, rhythmic and lyrically rich, though “Ninety Six” has a much different message.

The guitars give us our first impression of “Ninety Six”. The strums are quick and even, and the mandolin-like riff bounces with frontman Harry Heart’s vocals. Ebert has a similar sing-song rhythm, punching the lyrics at the end of each line. Where Ebert’s “Truth” battles inner darkness, “Ninety Six” embraces raw sexuality and insecurity. (Check out the lyrics via the Bandcamp version of the track.) Their previous efforts tended to be lighter than “Ninety Six,” which suggests that The Harry Heart Chrysalis is prepared to give us deeper meanings and more fulfilling stories. And with a name as mysterious as “Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros,” I think they will be well-received.

You can download “Ninety Six” for free via the embedded track above. Find more information about The Harry Heart Chrysalis on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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