GRRL PAL releases second installment of their song-a-month project for 2015

12 Jan


Vowel-averse GRRL PAL has embarked on a year-long mission to release a new song every month. Their most recent installment is NGHT, an in-your-face romp that at times sounds like it is imploding. The accompanying video watches the duo recline and dance intermittently as the sun sets.

Short licks of high vocals ring throughout the intro, and follow well into chorus, along with many other quirky noises that GRRL PAL has molded into a song. There are distinct similarities between this and Purity Ring, if Purity Ring inhaled a little helium. There is also a very subtle, yet handsome bass line that holds everything together with grace. And for these reasons this hyper-sweet jam is irresistible. Even if you’re not the type to spontaneously start dancing, “NGHT” will make you want to frolic with GRRL PAL in your front yard in the dusk.

Download “NGHT” for free on GRRL PAL’s Soundcloud page, where you will also find its predecessor, “Paradise,” also available for download. For more info on GRRL PAL, visit their tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

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