D R E A M C O A T unveils studio performance of debut single, “Beautiful Kingdom”

13 Jan


Dreamcoat is a new act that hails from Melbourne, as do many of the artists that I cover here for the Music Court. Their debut single, “Beautiful Kingdom” is luscious and lingers, and watching them perform it live in studio shows them distinctly in their element.

I love how every vocal lasts a few beats. I love being soothed by the guitar strums. I love that the drums become much more than the spine of the song, becoming the heart and soul as well. This is the first that we’ve heard from Dreamcoat, and what a great first impression they have made. Their debut EP will be out in March, so we will hopefully hear more from them very soon.

“Beautiful Kingdom” is available for download on the D R E A M C O A T Blank Tapes page. For more information on Dreamcoat, visit their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

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