Gee, no wonder, Jack + Eliza release debut EP

28 Jan

jack + eliza

Think of all the famous duos you can. Who do you come up with? The White Stripes, The Kills, Batman and Robin. Simple, yet effective teams that gave their all so effectively, you’d have expected more people to have been involved. Our latest talented twosome: Jack + Eliza.

There’s a dusky nostalgia in Jack + Eliza (…though I may just associate the thought of summer with nostalgia because I’m writing this as the northeast is ravaged by an enormous blizzard). Their debut EP was released last summer, and is exactly the sunny disposition everyone (except LA) really needs right now. Aside from the light and bright melodies, I also really love the earnest youth in their voices and lyrics. Think of Jack + Eliza as Best Coast’s younger sibling. That comparison works sonically as well, with their songs generally being upbeat and reverb-laden. All around, feel-good tunes.

Their No Wonders EP is out now. For more information on Jack + Eliza, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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