AWOLNATION Rocks the Hollow Moon

11 Feb







Back in 2011, AWOLNATION – the moniker of adroit musician Aaron Bruno and the rest of his four-person band (not pictured above) – released one of the album’s of the year with Megalithic Symphony. There was no question that Bruno’s blend of heavy electronic rock with infectious rhythms broke several genre boundaries and created a multifarious alternative/rock amalgamation. So, three years later, with AWOLNATION on the precipice of a new album (RUN to be released on March 17 of this year), I, as well as other music fans, have high expectations for the new release.

Thankfully, AWOLNATION released the first single from its new album, and “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” is a tremendous example of AWOLNATION’s tremendous sound and variegated music. The song begins with stuttered synth that bounces like a Buddy Holly track. The verse features elegant distortion with an almost maniacal undertone. There are echoes and harmonies and crashing percussion. It is like the listener is in the mind of a crazy genius. The chorus is odd. It’s a peculiar mix of late 90s heaviness and a darker Grouplove-like jocularity with austere subtleties.

After a video game link, Bruno chants an expletive and then shouts that he will be back from the dead soon, and this is so badass that it’s difficult to put into words. And, when Bruno starts to yell at the end of the song, you just want to yell with him – a melodic catharsis!

This is an excellent song for several reasons. Simply, though, AWOLNATION kicks so much behind! Bruno and his band is ridiculously talented, and “Hollow Moon” is evidence of that blatant fact. Listen … now!

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