Praising our white winter, the new highway

19 Feb

New Highway Hymnal

I can’t say I’ve ever worshipped the highway, nor at one, but these are the types of hymns I can support. Introducing the Massachusetts-based garage rockers, New Highway Hymnal and their debut LP, The Reverb Room.

If the title of this album is a double entendre, I don’t know what the second meaning could be; the denotation, though, is vivid. The reverb feels turned up to the max on every instrument, including most notably the vocals. At some point, the album simply becomes a cacophony of sound, but it is organized chaos, creating many hues of harmonies and dissonance. This is unabashed and fearless garage rock, so if you’re into that, The Reverb Room deserves your attention.

The Reverb Room is out now. For more information on The New Highway Hymnal, visit their Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Bandcamp.

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