Hey Now – Matt and Kim’s New Glow

21 Mar


Matt and Kim has always been known for wacky antics and effervescent pop music. New Glow, Matt and Kim’s fifth full-length will not be any different; the Brooklyn duo who met while attending Pratt Institute is keeping power pop alive.

“Hey Now”,  which features a minimalistic video of the duo dancing maniacally with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, is a testament to the genre of percussion-laden, horn-heavy pop. Matt and Kim has a penchant for creating opening notes that latch on to a listener’s ears like super glue. If you are a fan of vocal-heavy pop, you just cannot turn the song off and before you know it the song has already repeated 4-5 times. The tracks are short and effective.

Is Matt and Kim for everyone. No, no band is for everyone. However, an attribute I have always respected about the band is its knowledge of who it is. Matt and Kim may change up the notes, but the duo is never going to explore the unfamiliar realm of not creating fun, jocular tracks that listeners can sing along to easily.

The video is just … so … happy! It’s tough to watch it without smiling. That innate joyousness in the music is infectious. Do I love all power poppy music? No. But Matt and Kim has some special quality to the music that makes me want to listen constantly. In “Hey Now,” it is a mix between the segmented vocal chanting, clickity percussion, and the chanted lyric. The song is anthemic, a piece that could easily be the concluding track of a Broadway play or movie … where everything ends well of course. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the new album, which I’m sure will be muy divertido.

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