Bells Atlas drop new single, promise new EP

1 Apr

Bells Atlas

I’m not-so-secretly a cynic at heart. Good thing there are groups like Bells Atlas that make me question my nature. Everything about them is fresh and original, starting with their latest track, “Future Bones.”

Bells Atlas cultivate a mysterious truth in their muted-tropical indie rock. The vocals from Sandra Lawson-Ndu follow a rhythm that usually only groups as quirky as Dirty Projectors could pull off, and the lyrics themselves seem fairly bizarre. The song begins, “If future takes me to find our bones/ I’ll mold them together/ and desert this form,” continuing on with overarching themes involving appreciation of the First Law of Thermodynamics. “The lyrics ask the question, ‘What do our future bones look like if our spirits are able to design our bodies?’” the band explains of the nature of the song. Sounds like a riddle to me, but I’m not concerned about solving it. As they tell me, I’m the island and the ocean that surrounds it, and I’m perfectly fine with that. 

“Future Bones” will be on Bells Atlas’s next EP, Hyperlust, which you can pre-order here. For more information on Bells Atlas, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

2 Responses to “Bells Atlas drop new single, promise new EP”

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