These Elms, Those Willows

2 Apr

Those Willows

I’m sure we all can relate to saying farewell to many bands that were unable to “make it.” Working at my college radio station, I got to know countless groups that met their demise in some form or another, whether they disbanded completely or simply scrapped their original projects that I had grown to love. It warms my heart (nay, lights my heart on fire!) to see artists I discovered years ago still going strong, and I’m happy to present Those Willows. I played them on the radio, and now they are back with their newest EP, Three Books.

Those Willows are a folk duo based in Portland by way of Detroit. They provide generous piano and acoustic guitar melodies, though that may not be your first thought when you hit play on the opening track, “Winter Skin.” The familiar closeness is gone, replaced by eerie and lonesome distance. “We could fall in love…” Mel Tarter murmurs before the guitar and strings chime in. This is where Those Willows shines; the chord progressions and melodies are always remarkably unique, and they deliver on the other three tracks of the EP as well. Give a listen to my favorite, “The Noise,” below.

Three Books EP is out now. I also highly recommend checking out their full-length, Rivertown; the title track is delightful to say the least. For more information on Those Willows, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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