Dancing with the undertow

8 Apr

All art comes from a thought, or more likely a series of thoughts. Though not all happy ideas turn into happy art, the new video from Idea the Artist doesn’t seem to worry too much about that. Teeming with pastels and watercolors, “Seafloor” takes “art rock” to a new level.

Idea the Artist is Inés Beltranena, a folktronica musician from San Francisco, though I wouldn’t limit her artistry to music. Yes, the slow pull of “Seafloor”’s rhythm is enchanting, but so is the watercolor and pastel sketches on which the visuals of the video are based. This is the title track to her newest album, a collection of songs meant to inspire in the wake of her own personal hardships. Though her struggles were hers to bear, she shares her feats with us; says Beltranena, “this is my expression about all struggles, and all triumphs, not just my own.”

Seafloor is out now. For more information on Idea the Artist, visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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