Wide awake thanks to Sleep Thieves

4 May

Sleep ThievesEvery once in a while, I make a very important and special discovery. It happens serendipitously each time, and is always something that I didn’t realize I was missing until I finally happened upon it. Now I’m an insomniac after listening to the newest track from Sleep Thieves, “You Want the Night.”

Sleep Thieves deliver terror. The vignettes in the video are brilliantly diverse and clever, and add another layer of darkness onto the already sinister track. Their sound probably draw comparisons to groups like Neon Indian, M83, and Crystal Castles. Honestly, if CC were slightly less drugged out and mellow, but retained their edgy image, they would probably be Sleep Thieves. Crystal Castles’s debut was truly ground-breaking in many ways, and I think Sleep Thieves have something, though far more subtle, equally as enjoyable. And I’m not only referring to the single- the album, also called You Want the Night, is truly delightful.

You Want the Night is out now. For more information on Sleep Thieves, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr.

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