Something about the tilt of the earth tells me it’s summer

24 Jun

Summer songs! Become instantly intoxicated on fumes of fun with this here collection of songs. SPF 30 recommended for maximum enjoyment.

Flyte – Closer Together

“Closer Together” is a romantic take on wishing someone ‘bon voyage’ that turns the typical summer fling on its head. Both the guitar riffs and message contribute to its sweetness. This tune marks the return of Flyte from the confines of their studio, so there is surely more to come.

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Lion’s Head – Firecracker

“Firecracker” has the title and attitude of a July tune, at least for me as an American. I would listen to this track on loop rather than those played out anthems during Fourth of July celebrations. Also, Lion’s Head sounds similar to Whilk and Misky, with their combination of acoustic guitar and drum machines that make anyone want to move his or her feet.

Find Lion’s Head on: website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Swiss Lips – U Got the Power

Swirling synths open this track up and though they can sometimes overshadow the main vocals, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. After all, they are the lifeblood of the song and the main force that has me tapping my toes.

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Jimmy and the Mirrors – Still I Fall

Those horns! How can you not want to dance in the warm moonlight with those trumpets tooting in the background?! Jimmy’s gruff voice gives this song a very Americana vibe, which is endearing unto itself. Pack a picnic to enjoy under the stars, and let this be your soundtrack.

Find Jimmy and the Mirrors on: website | Facebook | Twitter

Young Buffalo – My Place

A rhythmic song to rock ­gently to on your porch swing. The falsetto and polite percussion is what really sells “My Place” for me. Allow yourself to enjoy the breeze, you deserve it.

Find Young Buffalo on: website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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