Married Medley: Astronauts etc, Tape Runs Out, A Copy for Collapse, Nerve Leak

30 Jun

I’ve made this medley’s alliterative title a nod to the landmark decision by the Supreme Court this past Friday. This has been long overdue. Also, this extended medley would be the most metal start to a wedding playlist ever. Just saying.

Astronauts, etc – Eye to Eye

I’ve already said some nice things about Astronauts, etc but “Eye to Eye” takes Ferraro’s cool sense of emotion and layers on whispered R&B falsetto. The cooing at the end is fitting for such a smooth, funky jam. I also love the narrative of this one: “All I want is reciprocation/ don’t care how you spend your nights”/“I’m all for a little recreation”/“we don’t need to have that conversation/ as long as we see eye to eye.” Wink.

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Tape Runs Out – Friends

I love the jangly shoegaze sound of this one. A detailed written description of someone eating is pretty gross, and, you guessed it, so is a slow motion video of someone eating. Or in this case, two people. But I guess that makes it the perfect video, so I’m not mad about it. I do very much appreciate that the song is so descriptive, but I can safely say I’d rather just listen to it rather than watch it.

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A Copy for Collapse – No Failure

A Copy For Collapse have recently released a new album, titled Waiting For, though waiting is something you should not do when deciding whether or not to click play. This is a solid album with well-crafted production that is politely low-key while also showing a certain amount of brilliance. Put your money on “Lost in Decay,” that’s a gem. “Dusk” also reminds me of one of my favorite one-hit-wonders, Torches, specifically “Someone Needs a Ritual.” (If anyone has any information on the demise of Torches, please email me, I would love to hear what happened to them/what they’re up to now.)

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Nerve Leak – Hurt You

If anyone plays this song at their wedding, please oh please invite me. This song is a cross between the heart-stopping arrhythmic style of Andy Stott and the nearly-disturbing operatic shout of Scott Walker, so safe to say this is not for the faint of heart. But if this is your thing, then it is probably very your thing. I dig this quite a lot.

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