Seeing is Believing: Astronauts, etc, Harriet Brown, and Swim Team

13 Jul

Astronauts, etc

Last Tuesday marked Astronauts, etc’s first LA performance, and much to Anthony Ferraro’s surprise, tons of people turned up. And it’s easy to see why: all three artists on the bill are signed to Hit City U.S.A., one of my favorite labels currently. (Also signed: Kisses, Lord Huron, James Supercave. Right?!)


Swim Team

Swim Team opened up the night with his sunshine-laden dream pop.  I actually thought Swim Team was a trio situation, but turns out it was a one-man show tonight. The man in question was Caleb Chial, and he rocked it solo. The first few notes of “Clairvoyant” are concert-goer’s catnip, instantly recognizable and ensuring that you were about to hear something awe-inspiring. He delivered.

Next on stage was the illustrious Harriet Brown, who I actually saw open for Waterstrider and Trails and Ways a month ago. Read about that night here. Tonight he showed off his muscle, and in this slightly larger venue, the crowd returned his energy. It got a little crazy, y’all.


Astronauts, etc and Harriet Brown

Then it was time for the main event: Astronauts, etc. Imagine the surprise on my face when I noticed some band cross-pollination happening right before my eyes. Just two weeks ago I saw Bells Atlas play at the Lyric Theater, with glorious Derek Barber on guitar and heroic Doug Stuart on bass; now tonight at the Echo, those two gentlemen took the stage alongside Ferraro, Scott Brown, and Aaron Gold. I took Stuart’s grin as a sign that the show ahead would be magic. Everyone in the band seemed visibly thrilled to be performing that night, and you could hear it in their performance- it really was magic. They performed many tracks that will appear on Mind Out Wandering, Astronauts, etc’s new album out this September; my favorite single out thus far, “Eye to Eye,” was particularly satisfying to hear live. Their grande finale, “Fiction,” brought Harriet Brown back onto the stage and the audience pretty much lost their minds (though sadly, no one followed him onto the stage).

Hit City U.S.A. website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Swim Team website | Facebook | Twitter | tumblr

Harriet Brown website | Facebook | Twitter

Astronauts, etc pre-order Mind Out Wandering | Facebook | Twitter

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