Highly Fascinated with Motorama

31 Jul


Readers of the Music Court might remember me writing about a young band named High Fascination a few years ago. Well, I like keeping track of the young bands I write about a few years after their incipient posts, and this is a good time to update you a bit on the maturation of a band I called “crisp” and “perspicacious” a few years back. Has High Fascination maintained its perspicaciousness? Oh yeah. If anything, the last two years has made the band’s musical adroitness even more defined, and I am happy to present High Fascination’s new album – released today – called Miss Motorama.

Just a little review, for those who have not heard of this NYC Indie/Rock band. The band was founded as a solo project from Andrew Weiss, a Long Islander with a penchant for melodic tunes and inspiration from all the right bands. Since its inception, the band has now released five albums: Objections To Reality (April 2011), Sudden Movements (September 2011), A Time And Place (June 2013), How Do You Do? (February 2014), and now Miss Motorama. In 2012 the solo project developed into a band; Weiss added bassist Dan Hemerlein and drummer/vocalist Noah Rauchwerk to his coterie, and since then the band has combined to create a sound that is both mellifluous and adept.

“Queen Anne” features a staccato guitar and rhythms that remind me so much of the British Pop/Rock that was engendered by the Beatles and perpetuated by bands like Oasis. The song has a wonderful chorus with horns and catchy vocals. It is blithe and bright, a good summer track that sounds like it should be listened to at a park with a summer shandy near by. It’s an album staple, for sure.

“Change My Mind” takes a different approach, trading bubbly pop for a more reserved piano approach. The song reminds me a bit of Augustana. It features elegant call and response melodies with a nice lead vocal. The song’s calm melody is not so much mournful; it rather powers through with a soft strength that is quite refreshing.

All in all, great release by High Fascination. The band has matured over two years, and it is so exciting to track its progress; keep an eye out for even more great releases in the future!

Check out more information about High Fascination on its Facebook andTwitter.

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