Warehouse Eyes see the light

1 Sep

“I won’t be afraid,” sings Jennie Lawless on Warehouse Eyes’ single, “I Think I Can Live With It.” Warehouse Eyes take a fresh approach on pop, layering synths over vocals over synths over vocals, making their new song sound somehow intimate… but it all goes back to fearlessness. The title of this track is almost a misnomer, given how doubtful it sounds- this is a song about self-confidence and individuality, and the video takes a look at childhood innocence to cement its point.

Pop is pop inherently because of its predictability; easy recognition equals easy to remember, and sing along with, and eventually, purchase. That bores me, as I’m sure it does most of the audience of this blog. Warehouse Eyes is not something out of left-field, but it also isn’t something you hear every day, and that excites me. The structure of the song elongates at each chorus, allowing us to soak in the message: be who you are and don’t betray yourself. That’s powerful, and yet, it’s also catchy.

The video for this track is precious, and symbolic when it needs to be. She starts the track near a hearse, presumably carrying the soul of who Lawless (or I) was/who she (or I) no longer wishes to be. Breaking free is exhilarating and the kids know the feeling. It’s not every day you see a band of kids organize a random jam session in the woods.

“I Think I Can Live With It” is from Warehouse Eyes’ second EP, Prisms, which you can purchase here. Find more info on Warehouse Eyes on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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