Solitude is Bliss

25 Sep

a dyjecinski

My roommate and I frequently find ourselves discussing the entertainment revolution that we are experiencing. Mankind has never been more creative than we are today. Take one look at Vine and YouTube, and there is so much talent everywhere. Because shooting video and recording music have become so easy, everyone has the capacity to be an artist, and we are inundated with new art. Though music videos aren’t a new form of media, they still are finding ways to push boundaries. First there was Michael Jackson, who created the first mainstream music video short film; then Madonna, whose middle name is ‘controversial’; even Kanye West had some illuminating moments, such as when he took literally the idiom ‘moving picture’; and now you have people like Tyler the Creator (warning: ick) making videos only meant to gross you out. A. Dyjecinski brings something new to the table as well with the video for “I’m the Woods.”

Innovation. That’s the one thing that this video is slathered with. I’ve never seen a video within a video, but here we are given two perspectives on the same scene. And what a beautiful scene it is. I’ve never seen snow, so maybe that has something to do with how much I love the snowcapped pine trees. I find this whole video very visually appealing, with maybe the exception of the bland subtitles. The scene is soft yet ominous, the solitude practically tangible.

The concept behind this video is to show how someone might unravel at his or her loneliness. Being suspended in the air on a mountain in thick snow is certainly a recipe for the crazies. The subtitles are vocalizations of the conversation that the protagonist is having in his mind, with himself. It’s funny, but also has an eerie quality, especially when it seems like his two halves are conveying starkly contrasting demeanors. Sure, it could just be inner rambling, just meant to pass the time… but it could also be indicative of something more.

“I’m the Woods” is A. Dyjecinski’s debut single, pick it up here. Find out more on his website and Twitter.

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