“We’re Not Gonna Take It” Finds New Meaning

11 Oct


Say what you will about Dee Snider and 80s Glam Rock band Twisted Sister, but the band took advantage of the ephemeral schtick and created some catchy tunes. Perhaps most famous in the band’s discography is the angsty track “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” which, when released in 1984, quickly reached 21 on the Billboard Top 100 charts. The song has become a staple of angry, sometimes vituperative outbursts, which is probably why the Trump campaign has adopted it as the theme song of their traveling tirade show; hey, the hair kind of fits. The intention of this post, though, is to not get into politics; instead, I plan to use this song to engender a different spate of obloquy.

It has been nine long years so my beloved New York Mets made the playoffs, and tonight’s game was a paragon of what is wrong in baseball. The sport creates measures to assure safety to catchers in the off-season. Safety is rather important, though, for all players. In tonight’s game, Chase Utley, who is despised by all Mets fans, became a linebacker and propelled himself into a high slide that ultimately fractured the leg of the Mets starting shortstop. Best of all, because of some ridiculous MLB rule, he was safe. I don’t care about the specifics. I’m a frustrated Mets fan. The inglorious, ignominious, improbable turn of events was ridiculous and worthy of my derisive sneering. I’m tired, and I’m not gonna take it.

Neither is Dee Snider! Born in Astoria, Queens, a Mets fan by location, Snider has every right to turn his own song up to 11 and belt it in his frustrated croon. I plan on blasting it now as well. Every Mets fan should do so, and the players should too on their way back to Citi Field for Game 3.

My contempt aside, I apologize from my long absence from the Music Court. As many loyal readers know, this is a labor of love for me, and it has been since it started. We do have some new writers on the horizon, which will help establish even more solid content, and, hopefully, I will get to some posts soon as well. The beginning of the school year saps a lot of time! Hope all is well in all of your lives! I’ll write to you again soon; I promise!

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