Melodramatic Medley

21 Oct

Hi everybody! Let’s start with some housekeeping. If you don’t know, I, Zoë, started a new music blog called Sawdust and Gin. I post new music every day, though the posts are far briefer than what I write here. I also make a weekly podcast, and write longer pieces in the form of show, album, and vinyl reviews. Please follow me on tumblr/ Facebook/ Twitter! I also just began writing for Grimy Goods, you can read my first review of the recent Deerhunter show in LA, and there will hopefully be more soon.

Now onto the music. This week, I’ve randomly selected these three tracks from our submissions bin aka email inbox. Indie is not dead, folks, contrary to what some people might say.

The Hermit Kings – “Cashing In”

It’s summer o’clock somewhere, am I right? No? Because the southern hemisphere is in spring and the northern hemisphere is in fall and so that doesn’t make sense? Well it makes as much sense as “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” except at least that expression is true approximately every half hour. Well screw all that logic, and bathe in this bright and calm summer tune from The Hermit Kings. The guitars touch on shoegaze while drums have more of a surf rock tinge, and it all pulls together beautifully.

PS This band has their own Ed, Edd, n Eddy thing going for it, with a Zac, Zack, and Zach. I hope one of them goes by Z and another by Manuel.

Find more information about The Hermit Kings on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jojee – Unravel Me

If you needed your lush electropop fix, stop your scratching and take a listen to this. Jojee is very dramatic, which I’ll admit is not usually my thing, but the beats that she cuts together are magnificent and hard not to love. And of course, her voice is also gorgeous. “Unravel Me” is great, but be sure to also listen to her previous single, “Think of Anything.”

Find more information about Jojee on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Sophomore – “Duck and Cover”

Remember that club scene in Black Swan? Or the entire movie Enter the Void? Or any other mind-altering movie experience? This is the universal score for all of that. This song is spatial, but has a rhythm, making it perfect to enjoy with or without visuals. Sophomore has his own aesthetic here, with the grainy maritime footage. Check out his other single, Outcry, here.

Find more information about Sophomore on his Soundcloud.

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