Elessar Thiessen Wows With Newest Project, A Rainy Week In Paradise

31 Oct


With Thiessen’s mesmerizing voice, it’s clear to see that he is becoming quite popular amongst the blues rock scene. Contrast to Jack Johnson and the beachy vibe that his music gives, Thiessen gives you the same feelings, but also gives you accompanying substance to go with his well thought out lyrics. Recently showcased at Winnipeg Folk Festival, Elessar speaks from the soul within A Rainy Week In Paradise. With tracks like “Lover Dear”, painting a picture of the feeling of love, and waving between lapses of melancholy, Thiessen’s album speaks to the soul’s core. Combining the sounds of nature and soft vocal harmonies, A Rainy Week In Paradise makes you pair unexplained feelings and telescopes them with his descriptions in his lyrical genius.

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