Falling Awake in the Early Morning

17 Nov

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I remember years ago traveling in a rental car out west with my family while listening to music ooze out of my headphones. I had my favorites list pumping out a randomized selection of music, but I only distinctly remember listening to “Falling Awake” by Gary Jules as I stared out the window of the cloudy landscape and considered the vast contradictions in our world.

This morning I found myself staring out the window contemplating the incomprehensible evil that prompted the recent Paris attacks and, on that note, all recent attacks that serve to challenge the inherent safety individuals should possess. My iTunes was on, and Gary Jules’ familiar croon rose above his plucked acoustic guitar. I mouthed the words, as I have heard this song countless times, and I realized that it fit the questions spiraling around my head.

Jules, who most know because of his haunting cover of “Mad World,” which has been featured on countless television shows, has released four full-length albums. His blend of soft vocals and acoustic guitar is enticing, and his lyrics are focused and intelligent.

“Falling Awake” is a quintessential Jules song. Since first hearing the song, I thought the title and consequent sentiment of the song was fascinating. It is inherently oxymoronic, and such is life. As evidenced recently, events often happen that are perniciously paradoxical to humanity and we are left to question how such horrendous events could happen.

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