First Sight Brings New Meaning To True Love

24 Nov


With no better way to describe Van Norden, as having dream pop influences, this Vancouver musician carries an almost gothic sound to his music, and First Sight brings it to you in a powerful way. The overall sound does not sound cluttered at all, which sometimes is hard to do amongst the EDM scene. The lyrical quality of First Sight does not back down either with mentioning of constellations, finding each other within space, and the feeling of that intense love at first sight feeling. Prior to releasing First Sight, Van Norden has experience being an acoustic folk musician, frequently playing with the LA based SPINdriftr. With a sound that could be best described as having international influences, it’s to no surprise that Van Norden frequently collaborates with musicians in Canada and Los Angeles. The track overall delivers a deep, almost ethereal environment rather than being an ordinary track alone, and for that, we are excited to see what Van Norden has next in store.


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