Top 10 Songs of 2015: #9 – “Cold Cold Man” by Saint Motel

16 Dec


When thinking of words to describe Los Angeles-based Indie Pop band Saint Motel, it would not be cold. Instead, the band’s creative blend of effervescent horns, Motown-infused disco rhythms, and jaunty piano is warm and cozy. “Cold Cold Man”fits the paradox; it is a synth-driven pop piece that inspires dance and sing-a-longs. It is the quintessential Saint Motel song, and it is on The Music Court’s top songs of 2015.

The song, which was actually released in 2014 but premiered as a single in 2015, has often been viewed as a secondary piece next to the band’s prominent hit “My Type,” but, in a similar manner to “My Type,” it successfully combines so many tremendous components into one concise ditty. Saint Motel has the ability to do just that – combine a score of elements together to create a song with an enticing melody, catchy vocals, and skilled instrumentation. The band has been doing this since it came together in 2009, through the band’s debut LP in 2012, through the slew of concerts they have played in support of bands like Imagine Dragons and Weezer, and finally through the release of their most recent EP My Type, which will hopefully lead to the band’s sophomore EP soon.

“Cold Cold Man” is on this list because it has yet to leave my mind since I listened to it in preparation of writing this post. The song’s potent harmonies mix with its keys-focused melody; it plays like a mix between newer Coldplay and Jukebox the Ghost if both bands were transported back to a colorful 70s spy television show; thus, the band is almost impossible to compare. It is a true throwback. Saint Motel is a throwback to a time when music was edgy and perspicacious. The band is tremendous, and I look forward to hearing more from then in the future.


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