Top 10 Songs of 2015: #6 – “Not Enough” by demo taped

19 Dec

demo taped

Slowing making our way through the best songs of this year, we now arrive at number six. Adam Alexander is the very young, yet hyper talented brain behind demo taped, and his track “Not Enough” hit me pretty hard when it came out. I didn’t forget about it, and think it was absolutely one of the best of the year.

The song begins like a dream, or rather a faint memory coming back for the first time in years. Mournful cooing grows until we are completely immersed, then the real journey begins. Each line feels like a lyrical crescendo, with the most emphasis consistently on the final few syllables. The slant rhymes and crashing rhythm drive you right into demo taped’s arms. And the way he delivers those words- he really is “spitting out flowers,” in the sense that everything he says is beautiful.

The video that Alexander made to go along with the track is simple, yet complements the song really well. The elements of the track that make it so impressive are themselves simplistic, and seeing colors warp around filtered photos of flowers is mesmerizing. Alexander’s entire career is mesmerizing, really, and he still has so much ahead of him.

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