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Musicians on Tour – Great Concerts in 2016

31 Jan

Are you available to see a concert in the year 2016? You are? Excellent. This post will have some applicability for you. A great concert is ineffable. From the purchase of the tickets to the anticipation to the moment when the band/artist comes out on stage to the tinny sound of ringing ears as you are pouring out the venue, live shows have a special place in the musical muscles of melody seekers. To help you in the quest to find that perfect concert this year, here are a few tours that might be coming to your backyard in 2016.

Note: Billy Joel is not on this list, even though he has almost taken a permanent residence in Madison Square Garden – much like a Broadway play or Las Vegas residence.

Black Sabbath – The End Tour


Although Ozzy had to postpone some recent dates because of a bout of sinusitis, Black Sabbath – as current constituted with Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler – started its goodbye tour in Omaha to be completed in September. The pioneers of heavy metal music are technically touring their recent release The End. This is the last time you will be able to see the band that brought the music world “Iron Man,” “Paranoid,” and, well, Ozzy Osbourne.

Tour Dates

Fall Out Boy – Wintour is Coming


Fall out Boy has made an impressive comeback after a 4-year hiatus (which ended in 2013) with songs like “Uma Thurman” and “Centuries,” which line its new album American Beauty/American Psycho. Now, the band is touring, and if the Game of Thrones pun is any indication the tour will be quite engaging. What’s even better is FOB wisely chose AWOLNATION (and Pvris) to open for the show; AWOLNATION is one of the most exciting bands out there. This should be an awesome show.

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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – The River Tour


BRUCE!!! To celebrate the release of The Ties that Bind: The River Collection, a 52-track, 4-hour video collection celebrating the 35th anniversary of The River, Bruce has once again set out on a massive tour that will seem him traversing the continental U.S.; he will also be heading to Portugal for a date in May. The show has been typical Bruce, fit with 30+ songs from his extensive collection.

Tour Dates

Florence + The Machine – How Beautiful Tour


Florence Welch, who my sister widely regards as “The Goddess,” is an unbelievably talented musician who, with her tremendous Machine, recently released How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, which features songs like “What Kind of Man,”  and “Queen of Peace” and has been widely regarded as a mature, strong release. The tour, which starts in May, is well worth seeing if you have the ability to do so.

Tour Dates

Coldplay – A Head full of Dreams Tour


Oh, Coldplay. You have to give the Britpop band some major credit; Coldplay has been around since 1996 and is still creating unique music. The band is a true chameleon; it is constantly transforming its sound, not necessarily to create mass-market sounds, but, instead, to constantly recreate its music. This strategy is clearly working as the band is gearing up for another tremendous world tour that will include a stop in San Francisco next week for the Superbowl. Go to a Coldplay show if you can; the band is awesome live.

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Ryan Shupe Rides On

30 Jan


Fiddle-king Ryan Shupe is back at it with the anticipated release of his new album We Rode On that is scheduled to come out in Spring. This, his 8th album, will highlight a small transformation in Shupe, as he is transforming his usual country sentiment to a more pop/rock feel. This is echoed in the track that we have featured for you below. Shupe is a master at his craft and is able to write and play effectively; he also bends genre-types and thus can be considered a true master musician.

“If I Stay,” one of the tracks off the new album, is a jaunty piece with vocal melodies and more standard instrumentation. It has a Great Big Sea feel to it considering the energy and passion. It is almost a more bluegrass version of Great Big Sea and even Carbon Leaf. The Americana passion is bleeding out of the song, which is carried through the meaty vocals and sprightly pace. It’s an excellent ditty, and one that more should listen to.

So That You Can Feel Better Delivers Power Anthems For Love, Soul, and Heart

22 Jan


So That You Can Feel Better opens with soft piano melodies, reminiscent of 90s grunge and the sound of Angela Burn’s voice pulls you in immediately. Her vocals will remind listeners a little bit of Emily Haines, Allison Mosshart, or a modern Amy Lee.  Listeners should not be surprised that Burns’ upbringing in Austin, Texas with pop and grunge influences as they definitely are appear in her mixtape and overall sound. The track, Napoleon stands out for listeners with its heavy grunge tones and it being a song about power and has a mood of fury. Another song that overall, goes hand in hand with the album title So That You Can Feel Better,  is All Together. It carries the most angst, the path of growing up, being overall strong, and not looking back.  The overall tone of the mixtape would be best described as a cross of fueled emotions, struggles, and definitely has songs that can be your new rock anthem for the soul.

For more listening:

Spencer Sabo Spins A World Of Galaxies, Grunge, And Instrumental Genius

9 Jan

download (8)

Close your eyes and Spencer Sabo will take you away literally in another dimension with his latest album, entitled Color In The Gray Machine. The feelings of another world, powered by an undertone of galactic space and ethereal fluidity goes nicely with the fitting project, which is called Mind The Journey. Upon listening to the newly released album, one can almost find an undertone of nostalgia and psych rock as well within the sounds and strategic musical arrangement. The track, Rose Colored Glasses builds up an almost synth dynamic with a touch of grit and borderline 90s gritty grunge sound. The vocals are drawn out in a smoothing whirlwind and the instrumental genius builds an environment for the already strong standalone song. On the other end of the spectrum, Dessert almost sets up a very mellow, yet reflective ambiance, almost exhibiting strong reminders of glam rock. Recorded in Boston native’s Sabo’s studio, Color In The Gray Machine delivers an album centered around retro sounds and its coexistence in a modern world.

Take A Listen To Rose Glasses:


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