So That You Can Feel Better Delivers Power Anthems For Love, Soul, and Heart

22 Jan


So That You Can Feel Better opens with soft piano melodies, reminiscent of 90s grunge and the sound of Angela Burn’s voice pulls you in immediately. Her vocals will remind listeners a little bit of Emily Haines, Allison Mosshart, or a modern Amy Lee.  Listeners should not be surprised that Burns’ upbringing in Austin, Texas with pop and grunge influences as they definitely are appear in her mixtape and overall sound. The track, Napoleon stands out for listeners with its heavy grunge tones and it being a song about power and has a mood of fury. Another song that overall, goes hand in hand with the album title So That You Can Feel Better,  is All Together. It carries the most angst, the path of growing up, being overall strong, and not looking back.  The overall tone of the mixtape would be best described as a cross of fueled emotions, struggles, and definitely has songs that can be your new rock anthem for the soul.

For more listening:

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