Ryan Shupe Rides On

30 Jan


Fiddle-king Ryan Shupe is back at it with the anticipated release of his new album We Rode On that is scheduled to come out in Spring. This, his 8th album, will highlight a small transformation in Shupe, as he is transforming his usual country sentiment to a more pop/rock feel. This is echoed in the track that we have featured for you below. Shupe is a master at his craft and is able to write and play effectively; he also bends genre-types and thus can be considered a true master musician.

“If I Stay,” one of the tracks off the new album, is a jaunty piece with vocal melodies and more standard instrumentation. It has a Great Big Sea feel to it considering the energy and passion. It is almost a more bluegrass version of Great Big Sea and even Carbon Leaf. The Americana passion is bleeding out of the song, which is carried through the meaty vocals and sprightly pace. It’s an excellent ditty, and one that more should listen to.

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