New Music Palace – Popfilter, Brother Moses, Mark Hole

21 Feb

There is a plenitude of excellent new music that exists in the vast music hemisphere today; unfortunately, there also exists a time limitation that prevents me from covering all of these new tunes. Thus, today, and for weekends in the future, I bring you a New Music Palace breakdown of some of the more exciting artists creating tracks today. My promise to you is simple: excellent new music that you should listen to immediately. Today I feature tracks from bands Popfilter, Brother Moses, and Mark Hole.

“Empire” by Popfilter


Popfilter comes to us from Denver, CO, a brand new three-piece Indie Pop band who just released its first single “Empire.” The track has been featured on the New & Notable section of Noisetrade (a great site for new music) and has found some local play in the Denver area. And, for reasons that will be clear once you click play below, the song should soon propel itself beyond local play and into the ears of significantly more listeners. “Empire” features crashing drums, bright keys, and a bubbly, upbeat sound that is carried by Mason Maxwell’s classic Indie croon. For a newer band, this is an impressive, mature release, both canorous and edgy – a little Keane/Coldplay, a little Jesse Morrow.  The band has a few more singles in the works and will be releasing them in the upcoming months.


“Crazy Eyes” by Brother Moses


Let’s travel to Arkansas and meet a cohesive 4-piece that has been “making music” since the band were “babies.” “Crazy Eyes,” the band’s new single, is a track from the forthcoming EP, Legends, which will be released in April. The piece features a building sound, starting with strung-out keys that culminate in a repetitive drum and guitar riff that form a melodic instrumentations that is carried by solid vocals. The song features some excellent call-and-response instrument/vocal harmonies and an excellent bass guitar that pairs with the drums to form a wonderful rhythm section.


“Don’t Be Silly” by Mark Hole


Mark Hole is an interesting story. Son of a the CEO of Universal Music Group International, Hole, presumably, has been around music for quite a while, and his expansive talent and fascinating style demonstrates that. Hole is uber-prolific and has recently embarked on his “The Hole Story” campaign where he will release 27 tracks with corresponding videos. I’m featuring track #2 “Don’t Be Silly,” which I think is an elegant portrayal of Mark’s skill. The song features a unique, staccato piano rhythm that bounces with Hole’s vocals. The song is like a mix between Indie/Pop, 70s Disco/Soul, 90s retro 50’s throwbacks, and probably a whole slew of other influences. It is tight and effervescent. Great track.

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