New Release from Christoffer Øien & The Future Sounds – “Reach”

15 May


I’ve got another great release for you all from a good friend of the Music Court, Christoffer Øien and his Future Sounds. The new single, which was released on the first of this month, is the perfect way to break away from the long winter in both Norway and New York – you see, Øien, as always, his international appeal. “Reach” is carried by a steady chord progression and a lightly plucked melody. The verse finds Øien’s sultry voice utilizing a Colin Hay-like tone that sounds analogous to a nicely steamed latte or a perfect Spring day. Øien is not afraid to bounce his voice up to a falsetto once or twice and this serves as a perfect complement to the crashing drums of the drums. Shout out also to the excellent melody in the chorus and dulcet strings. “Reach” also features a slide guitar solo interlude that fits snugly into this multifarious release.

As has been stated several times now on this blog, Christoffer Øien and the Future Sounds are an exciting band creating exciting music, and you should be listening to them!

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