Alexandra Delivers Heartfelt Musicianship Through Track Criminal

22 Jun

Busting in on the American music scene from Armidale, New South Wales Australia comes female singer-songwriters, Alexandra. Having an interesting past with people not taking her musicianship seriously, Alexandra has proved the non-cheerleaders and rooters wrong. With a vocal style that sounds like a rough around the edges version of Emily Haines and a more modern Joan Jett, listeners beware for strong vocals and intense lyrics. “So you better run boy run, I said they are coming for you” hails in as a thematic lyric throughout Criminal and those who listen to such lyrics can only infer that Alexandra sings about rough heartbreak and the pains that come with it. With intense percussion throughout the track as well, it only fuels the fire with additional lyrics such as “You better change your name and forget her face”.  Produced by Keith Olsen, Alexandra’s sound comes off as intentionally stylistic and has a sound that is full of emotion, wrath, and fire.

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