Isolated Thunderstorms Stuns With Jared Weiss’s Intense Storytelling Craft

31 Jul

Upon listening to Isolated Thunderstorms, one can appreciate the mixture of pop, rock, and heartbreak anthems within this album. Between the lyrical metaphors of the transformation one goes through during a breakup to the unique way of storytelling through Isolated Thunderstorms, listeners are hooked since the first track. Weiss refers to the person of interest, as an isolated thunderstorm that keeps everyone out. While all of the tracks are musically strong and carry heavy lyrical weight, the songs Julia and Reni are key players on the album. Weiss’s voice sounds very similar to that of John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats. The right mixture of emotions, heartbreak, and storytelling balance out the roller coaster of memories. Anyone wanting to listen to a standout artist that not only has a strong musical talent, but has a way with words that connect to audiences and emotions they may have experienced deserves a call-out to nothing short of musical brilliance.

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