Randal Branham Wows With A Variety of Tracks On Album Simple

8 Aug

The album Simple by Randal Branham opens with tracks that are a mix of upbeat piano, quirky lyrics, and a wave of emotion intertwined in there as well. As listeners listen further, they will find that Branham has a narrative type of songwriting within his work that definitely emerges as his signature style. The musical arrangement as well through the album stands out and gives off a cinematic quality. One of the standout tracks is Who Is This Lady. The musical arrangement, lyrics, and vibe of the overall song make it so powerful. With lyrics as follows how did she teach you things about life and love?, she doesn’t know she painted a rainbow in my life set a narrative in a unique and beautiful stream of consciousness. For those who enjoy contemporary musicians who place an emphasis on narrative songwriting and well thought out arrangement, take a listen to Randal Branham as soon as possible.

For more listening to his track Touching Down:

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