Mah-Ze-Tar Blends New & Traditional Sound In Liquid Lotus

16 Aug

Take one listen to the album Liquid Lotus and you’ll hear the beautiful wordly sound that he brings to his music. The sounds of Mah-Ze-Tar are mesmerizing and enchanting as well. Sacred stars and other references to nature point to a spiritual vibe within his music. The blends of the sitar, influence of trance, and textures within the sound enlighten listeners. Drawing inspiration and incorporating a fusing of sounds of Indian, Persian, and even Flamenco, Mah-Ze-Tar effectively pairs up the traditional and new age sounds, while still preserving the sounds of familiar music of the world. For those wanting to hear a modern twist on traditional music and to be whisked away in new sound, Liquid Lotus is set to lead you there.

For more listening:

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