Spark Showcases The Talents of Todd Warner Moore With Life Metaphors & Musings In Latest Album

26 Dec

Through the power of strong folk songwriting and themes from the soul, Todd Warner Moore sets the beautiful landscape with album Spark. Merge the metaphors comparable to The Mountain Goats and the lightness of The Fruit Bats and you will get an idea of Moore’s sound. With lyrics that are a mixture of reflections I would read from my own journal and life’s musings, Spark peaks to those who will listen. “We mark our structures, clockwork displays, no corruption or corrosion” laments on society as a whole and connects with his audience in a storytelling way. The album blends the sound of Appalachia rock, folk music, and simple composed and raw songs all in one. Prior to making this wonderful piece, Moore cowrote songs and toured with Acoustic Juice in the 90s and toured with his band. Shortly after in Budapest, Hungary, his love of solo melodies and tea led him to creating his band Tea Thieves. Standout tracks on Spark include Gem, Noodles, and Crashing Down. If you want to listen to a musician that will make your listen to list for 2018, don’t wait and be thankful this album made your must listen to tracks!

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