Miss Cactus & The Desert Showcases Alondra Ramirez Ladd’s Tropical Anthem In Music Video Titled Dating School

5 Mar

Miss Cactus & The Desert brings their sunburst of energy first and foremost in the music video Dating School. The environment that lead singer Alondra Ramirez Ladd creates is one that is mixed with nostalgia, dreams, and a stylistic 1970s vibe. The thematic elements of womanhood, strength, and pops of color all are noticeable and add even more of a stylistic dimension to the setting. Between the elements of tropical dance, the self assured attitude of Miss Cactus & The Desert, and the whimsical world that they create, listeners will get wrapped up in it. With lyrics such as “I’m retired from dating school, where I was just dealing with a whole bunch of fools” this further exposes Ladd’s comments about her upbringing and how she further hints to her rejecting advice that she has been given her whole life. The exciting things about this video are too numerous to list out, but listeners will quickly realize that with the upcoming release of the EP Oasis, Miss Cactus & The Desert has turned the page to something greater than your standard music video.

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