Dig Two Graves’ Deathwish Album Channels The Greatness of Metal

22 May

With the band Dig Two Graves having an overall progressive and metal core sound, their sound stands out. Their 6 track EP release entitled Deathwish is centered around the themes of hurt and loss. Traditional riffs and traits of heavy metal ring the tracks with familiarity. The album itself is dedicated to Pete from Big Bang Music, a local music shop that members Kenny Meeks and Josh Brewer grew up visiting. Instrumentals aside, their lyrics and themes of angst run through the album with a strong fury. The song that listeners will hear alot of this, with varying tones of guitars and reverbs include Track 2. Dig Two Graves exemplifies alot of what the 90s grit and grunge of heavy metal was, unlike alot of genre crossovers in today’s music world. Some people may not put weight into just how influential metal music has in the world of genres today, but this band represents not only the strength of rock and roll, but the feeling of being an inner rebel with heavy metal running through our veins.

For more listening:

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