Lillimure Redefines A Collection of Work With Latest Set of Songs

27 Aug

Singer Lillimure will wow listeners who hear her for the first time. Her sound is not only raw and real, but it exudes truth. Conposing songs and being around music as long as she can remember, its no surprise that she would release her latest album, titling it appropriately Lillimure. Originally aiming to be a gymnast, a wrist injury changed the path of her life forever. Earlier this year, she released two other singles as part of an album collection, titled WDYTM and Something. People have been buzzing about her work she released it and we can anticipate only more creative works coming from Lillimure as she will begin attending The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU in the Fall along with the musician’s grind of playing shows amongst New York’s bars and music halls. Her vocal styles are reminiscent of Regina Spektor meets Colbie Caillat and a dash of her unique voice. Often we see musicians put into a specific genre on the type of music that they flourish in and what the audience gravitates to. With Lillimure’s expression at the forefront and evolving state, its going to be hard for anyone to put her sound in a specific genre or vibe and close the door. And this for someone that has completed a strong collection of work? Not bad at all, its just the beginning.

For more listening:

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