Hey Oh From Sluka Gives Us A Preview As To What To Expect From Album Ready To Connect

6 Dec

With the music flowing creating an atmosphere that will have listeners rocking their foot and dancing around their living room, Sluka makes feel good music. When you close your eyes and listen to the song, you get a feeling of happiness and freedom within. Instrumentally, the single carries the tone of the mandolin and the other collective instruments in a swirl, mixes it up, and gives you music that is truly timeless. One of the first things listeners will notice about Sluka’s music is that one won’t be able to pin it down to one region or one location. Not only is this due to the fact that Sluka was exposed to different music all over the world, with his family moving frequently, but I think that its intentional as well. To have a sound that is wordly, sends a second message of all if welcome and no matter where you are, the sound of Sluka fits. Some interesting facts about this musician include the very diverse side pursuits he has gone after as well. While not performing he is a visual artist, distance runner, aircraft pilot, and owner of his own flight school. Audiences who listen to his music will not only feel a connection to his moving songs, but will sense that passion for music making runs to Sluka’s core.

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