Chotto-Ghetto Charges Up The Idea of Sci-Fi Themed Album WILDFIRE

29 Feb

If you are confused at all processing what you have listened to with WILDFIRE tuned up ready to go, you are not alone. With mashups of audio that mash up political messages with narration, Chotto-Ghetto creates an atmosphere of another world. When mixing elements of Coheed and Cambria and the classic punk heavy rock of Mars Volta, Chotto Ghetto makes themselves distinguished in the post-hardcore punk metal genre. Even the idea around the album is conceptually based on the idea of finding a black box from a scientific experiment gone wrong. Some standout tracks on the album include The Work which narrows in on the idea of simulation and this other world. The track has alot of mixed audio, heavy progressive metal instrumentals, and a dash of percussion overload as well. The band has been together for 15 years, and this is their third album release. No surprise here to know they have played the infamous punk festival called the Fest for a 6th time. Additionally, they have gone on tour with well-known acts like Bomb The Music Industry, Jeff Rossenstock, and Anti-Flag.

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