Path Overgrown Allows You To Be Zen & Feel All Of Your Feelings

25 Apr

Path Overgrown from Todd Warner Moore is exactly what your soul needs. Creating this album in Hong Kong, this acoustic folk singer intertwines zen, mindfulness, and heavy musings about life within his music. This is fifth album within span of 18 months, kicking it off with Birdsong in June 2018. With this album being anchored in acoustic rock, Moore has written music in the categories and music genres of Folk, 60s Psychedelia, Gypsy, and even Latin Music. With 12 songs bringing everything from a track titled Little Cobra to Gratitude, Moore clearly connects the spiritual and nature world into his musical collection as well. With lyrics such as “and to know not to know from the garden we go”, the metaphors and connections to life are all throughout this album. A shining quality of Path Overgrown, is that it brings these beautifully written narratives and reflections into a cohesive album. Todd Warner Moore’s writing is just as much of a standout component to which listeners will connect with while listening to the album. With the sounds of violin strings and the ever present strum of the guitar, this should be on repeat while driving down the road, getting back to zen, or just absorbing all the musicianship that Moore brings.


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